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In addition to having a super ROBUST members area with training modules, mp3 audios, videos, pdf’s and many more tools, the sales process offers visitors the opportunity to purchase directly from the sales page or by grabbing the free report. There are free reports and a 3 part video series offered for free to establish a relationship with the potential customer. (You can examine the free material for yourself right here in this members area) This method has proven time and time again to be extremely effective.

help-iconWhat does this mean to me?

This means that the visitors you invite to the Proven Formula Membership Site sales page will be treated with respect and VALUE. There is a high likelihood that they will purchase a membership just like you! When they purchase, YOU will earn a commission, each and every time!

help-iconHow much money will I earn?

You get a massive 40% commission on all sales of The Guerrilla Diet & Wholistic Lifestyle Bootcamp. All you need is to register on our Zenler platform through the blue link above where you will get your link which will accurately track all of your clicks and sales. If you don’t have a Zenler account yet, you can get one free by clicking here. Once you have your Zenler account you can easily customize all your affiliate tools below by simply pasting your Zenler link and clicking “Personalize Affiliate Tools!” We’ve made it so simple for you so that all you have to do is copy, paste, promote and EARN!

help-iconHow and when do I get paid?

Zenler, our third party processor will handle all affiliate tracking and will send you a check once a month. To check your stats you just need to login into your Zenler account.

help-iconHow do I promote?

The goal is to get as many people to click on your affiliate link as possible.  Ideally, you must saturate the internet with your affiliate link, the more people that see it, the more clicks you will get and the greater the likelihood hat you will make sales. You can promote this product on your blog, on social media, on YouTube or anywhere that you can think of adding content and recommending people buy the product by clicking through your affiliate link. There are hundreds of ways to promote affiliate products. You may be interested in using this Affiliate Promo Formula to get lots of traffic to click on  your affiliate link. Click Here To Access Your Free Coupon Code: superaff


Where Do I Start?

Click the big blue button above to become an affiliate and then use the "Promo Tools" page to help you build ads and get lots of traffic to click on your affiliate link.  I have made it a complete “No-Brainer” by supplying you with everything you need. These are pre-written emails, blog posts, and even graphics that you can use on your websites!


If you want to promote our high value, life transforming products then I would like you to earn in the process as well. When anything is a win-win situation for all parties, everybody ends up happy and that is my goal just as I am sure it is yours.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regardless of the challenge you may be experiencing, rest assured that your question is very important to me and my team. Support tickets are answered within 24 to 48 hours.  Many of the common general questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of my help desk.  Keep in mind that the support staff is here to help you with the operation of THIS website and the affiliate program. If you need help and advice with any health, weight loss or personal issues I recommend my personal coaching.

Let’s Benefit ourselves and the world by giving the important information on this website before as many people as possible.

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