3 Practical Ways To Reduce Pesticide Exposure On A Plant Based Diet

We all know the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. But what about the pesticides that are on conventionally grown plants? Is it better to stick to a diet largely based on animal products to avoid these chemicals? https://youtu.be/jo9mjX9SuRM   First of all pesticides are toxic and they are intended to…

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[New Study] The Risks Associated With Poor Dietary Habits

We know that there are so many health benefits associated with consuming a healthy, nutrient-dense diet. These benefits include weight loss, disease remission, lowered risk for many chronic diseases and more vitality. While most people are aware that they should consume a healthy diet, the health hazards of not doing so weren’t always clear until now…

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Why Changing Your Diet Is The Best Way To Stop Hair Loss, Hear My Friend’s Story With Alopecia

  Why changing your diet is the best way to stop hair loss, hear my friend’s story with alopecia: A close friend of mine woke up one morning to see his pillow full of hair. He didn’t think much about it until it started happening every single day. He was losing chunks of hair on…

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