New Book Reveals: The Proven Method To Lose Weight In A Month

Lose Weight In a Month the Guerrilla Diet Way holds the recipe for success to your health and weight loss attempts. Following the nutritional guidelines of the Guerrilla Diet - The healthiest diet for human consumption, along with supplement recommendations that help you to lose weight and fulfil your body’s nutritional needs, and a simple to adhere to exercise program, it is the best way to change your lifestyle habits for the best and achieve natural, in tune with nature optimal health and weight loss. This book also comes with a FREE recipe book to help you easily cook up the right meals to support your health and weight loss..

Are you afraid you will never succeed at losing your excess weight and achieving optimal health and energy?

If your answer is “YES” then don’t lose hope. This program holds the secret to losing weight in a month the right way as well as achieving your health goals.


The Best Way To Lose Weight - A Step By Step Guide To Lose Weight In a Month, The Guerrilla Diet Way, takes the knowledge from The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program and gives you the precise plans to lose weight in a month, including recommended food supplements, exercise recommendations and recipes.

At The End Of The Month You Will:...

  • Have the knowledge and skills to continue on a health promoting diet for life

  • Have formed new habits that will stick

  • Lose real excess weight and not just water or muscle mass and begin the path towards achieving your ideal weight and health

Galit Goldfarb # 1 International Bestselling Author, PhD student, Nutritionist and Medical Researcher holds the key to helping you lose any excess weight and achieve the health you deserve. Goldfarb’s in-depth research on health and weight loss followed her personal suffering from cancer, excess weight and eating disorders and was the inspiration for The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program. When her coaching clients, family and friends easily lost weight, reversed disease states and became healthy human beings, Goldfarb knew she had to release this knowledge to the world.

This title from the Guerrilla Diet Health Series provides you with a practical step-by-step ‘how to’ approach to lose weight in a month and put you on the path towards achieving permanent good health and easy weight loss.

If you apply the simple steps revealed in this program, you will have mastered the path to lasting optimal health and weight loss.

Yes, You Can Achieve The Weight And Great Health You Desire!

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When you claim your copy of my book: Best Way To Lose Weight - Your Step By Step Guide To Lose Weight In a Month - The Guerrilla Diet Way, you’ll be getting a complete A-Z solution for weight loss and health improvement including:

  • A Complete Day To Day Food Schedule
  • Easy To Follow Mindset Techniques To Help Change Your Thought Patterns
  • Daily Recommended Food Supplements
  • Easy To Follow Weekly Exercise Recommendations
  • My Book: 50 Best Recipes For Health And Weight Loss The Guerrilla Diet Way, Free!

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Best Way To Lose Weight - Your Step By Step Guide To Lose Weight In a Month - The Guerrilla Diet Way